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DIY Willow Skirt/shorts

Inspiration Aug 19, 2010

I would be very much obliged if someone would tell me what the fashion lingo is for these skirt/shorts… I am sure someone out there at a magazine has thought up a silly name for them?

Anywho – these are an interesting design (and remind me quite a bit of what Indian men do with their sarongs so that no one can see up their skirts). You could do this easily with a scarf or a skirt by pulling the bottom of the back of the skirt through your legs and attaching to the front. But if you want to get the elegant V look on each leg (which is pretty important to not looking like you are wearing a nappy…), cut two vertical slits in the front of your skirt in the middle of each leg, and then pull the middle flap through your legs and the side flaps around the back of the legs and sew it all together at the back….. Does that make sense?

Image: Studded Hearts

Tags Shorts Skirts

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