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DIY Acid Wash Denim

Inspiration Sep 9, 2010

We are heading into a chilly winter pretty quickly in old London town, and while I am still holding off from wearing tights (once you put them on you dont take them off for 6 months!), I am definitely getting back into wearing jeans. Everywhere I look I see deconstructed acid wash jeans, love the jeans in this picture by Vanessa Jackman. So easy to do at home.

Image: Vanessa Jackman

DIY Instructions:
Materials – A pair of jeans, household bleach, a spray bottle + rubber gloves.

1. Put on the rubber gloves. Pour the cholrine into the spray bottle. If you want a more lighter effect, mix some water into the bleach.

2.Wet your jeans with water and place them on the floor . If you are not doing this on a tiled bathroom floor like I did, I recommend putting something underneath the jeans, ie. plastic wrapper or cardboard to avoid any bleach staining your floor.

3. Spray the chlorine on the desired spots – the jeans in the image above would have had bleach sprayed all over them. The stronger the bleach, the faster you can see the bleach results. The results on my jeans were visible in seconds. If you have mixed water in your bleach, be patient as the results might show about 20 minutes later.

4. Wash your jeans. Recommend hand washing first then machine washing.

Wear old clothes when playing with bleach!

Black jeans will usually bleach to a beige colour while blue jeans will go light blue/white.

Tags Bleached Jeans Tutorials

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