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Guest DIY Weekly Post - Mulberry Inspired Skirt by Carly From Chic Steals

Uncategorized Nov 8, 2010

This week’s DIY weekly is being guested by the lovely Carly from Chic Steals! A wildly popular and talented DIY blogger from over the pond, I never cease to be inspired by Carly’s projects and ‘why buy when you can DIY’ attitude. So happy to have her do one of her ‘DIY in 5’ projects on A Pair & A Spare. My usual DIY Weekly tutorial – a Celine inspired pocket blazer, is up on her blog here so head over there and check it out.

Take it away Carly!

DIY in 5: Mulberry-Style Paperbag Waist Skirt (from a Too-Big Thrifted Skirt)

On my blog I share a series of do-it-yourself tutorials for the beginning DIY’er called DIY in 5minutes, that is.  The easiest, quickest ways to take a piece from blah to fab and update it to current trends.

Designer Emma Hill created a collection for Mulberry Spring 2011 RTW with a number of chic and effortless pieces that every girl would want in her closet.  Most notable were her paperbag-waist pants and skirts, which looked gorgeous paired with tighter blouses and tops.  I too fell in love with the sorbet colors and forgiving shapes, and instantly ran out to the thrift store to DIY my own version of her cinched paperbag-waist skirt.
You Need:

*super-large pencil skirt – the larger the better!  (No front seaming or pleats, and choose a stiff fabric so the gathers will hold their shape)
*coordinating 1″ wide belt

*waistband elastic
*matching thread
*sewing machine + needle
*fabric glue
*fusible interfacing
*iron + ironing board

1. When selecting your skirt, find one as big as you can, that’s about a below-the-knee length when worn naturally. (The cinching at the waist will take it up a few inches.)

2. Turn it upside-down and pull it up to your waist.

Cinch with a belt tightly at your natural waist.

  “Fluff” out the gathers at the top just like the inspiration photo.

3. Optional: For more permanent gathers, sew waistband elastic inside the skirt where you want the waist to be.

 If you do this, you can also wear the skirt right-side up, belted at the waist, with the gathers at your knees for a completely different look!

 4. Optional: If you want your skirt just like the one in the picture, cut out some matching skirt fabric from the inside waistband or hem to repurpose 2 belt-loops, one at each side seam.  Also, cover your belt in the matching fabric by gluing on some of the skirt fabric you cut from the hem.  (If you’re worried that by cutting out bits of the inner waistband or inside hem will destroy the shape of the skirt, fuse some interfacing to the insides after you’ve cut so the fabric doesn’t sag – and don’t cut through any seams or through the outside where the missing fabric will show!).

Well, that was simple!

Wear with a round-collared blouse tucked it, or a boatneck long-sleeve tee to up the sweetness factor – and some stompy ankle-boots to mitigate it.

Happy DIY’ing!

Thanks Carly! How fantastic is that skirt? So honored to have such a DIY guru post a project here. Now make sure that you head over to Carly’s blog and get stuck into her projects and DIYs – her 30 Day Outfit Challenge will support the wardrobe overhaul that I have been blogging about very nicely, and will help you get into all those clothes that have been sitting in your wardrobe not being worn! 

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