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DIY Weekly - jil Sander Inspired Bright Pink Maxi Skirt

DIY Style Jan 15, 2011

I have been TOTALLY lusting over the pink Jil Sander skirt (and really her whole Spring 11 collection) for a while now. As I obv can’t afford to buy any of it, I made my own.  I love the pop of bright colour, I know it sounds corny but it really makes you feel good to wear it. The fabric I used was a pink matte silk, so beautiful and flowy, it makes you want to swish around all day. I love how Jil Sander paired the brights with a crisp white tee. Definitely relaxed BBQ appropriate. The construction of the skirt is so incredibly basic, most of you will probably have made a skirt this way before and could do it again in your sleep. I used a process very similar to the one I used here for a black sheer maxi.  Easy! See below for an overview of the steps. I’ll be pairing this skirt tonight with my black vintage beaded jacket and gladiator flats. Can’t wait! I’ll post an outfit shot when I get a chance.

Here’s how to make your own:
You need: 2m of fabric of maxi width (I used silk but you can use a cheaper fabric as long as it has a pretty drape), 2cm wide elastic for the waist, coloured thread matching the fabric, a needle, an iron.
1. Iron and pin down the edge of one of the long sides, this is where the elastic waist band will go.
2. Sew along this edge about 3cm back from the fold (I hand sewed but you can def use a machine if you have one)
3. Measure and cut the elastic to fit your waist.
4. Push the elastic through the waistband that has been made in the skirt, gathering and creating the pleat as you go.
5. Once all the fabric has been gathered onto the elastic, sew the elastic together to create the waistband.
6. Sew the tube of fabric together down the short edge which will be sitting like a split all the way up the skirt. I actually used hook and eyes to connect this edge, as this allows me to detach the edges and tie a knot or drape it into a midi/mini easily.
7. Finally, hem the skirt (I am yet to do this!)
The best thing about this skirt is that you can wear it as a maxi, tie it up into a midi or even do some draping and make it a mini. So versatile!  I think I’m going to make another one in a canary/buttery yellow too. The trick is to use nice fabric – I’m pretty lucky because fabrics in Hong Kong are unbelievably cheap, I got this silk for about $5.

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