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Outfit Post: Thrifted Elephant Grey Leather Midi Skirt

How to wear it Jan 20, 2011

Can’t get over how good the thrift shopping is in Hong Kong, particularly when I was under the impression that there would be none at all here. The best thing about it is that Chinese people don’t like it, so when you find a shop selling old stuff it’s usually packed with really amazing things. Like stuff all over the place, even hanging from the ceiling. Spent a few good hours trawling through one shop next to the wet market in central. From afar it looked like it was just filled with thousands of plastic bags of tools or hardware. On closer inspection the bags were actually filled with vintage clothes, bags, sunglasses, ties, shoes and purses. It was out of control. All covered in a layer of dust but that was fine by me.  I’ve also picked up heaps of vintage leather for next to nothing around the Cat Street markets, like this amazing elephant grey leather midi skirt and a pair of tan suede pants (soon to be turned into shorts). All for less than a few dollars.

Am planning on heading to Shanghai over Easter where there are absolutely amazing markets with art deco and mao antiques and heaps of vintage clothes. I’ll be sure to post my finds when I get back.

Wearing: vintage elephant grey midi skirt from Cat Street Markets, country road black singlet top, thrifted mustard top (two quid in east london), zara satchel, mango bootines.

Tags Leather Skirts Thrift Shopping

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