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DIY Multi Colour Bodycon Dress

DIY Style May 15, 2011

I saw these multicoloured rugs down at my local dollar store, which are made out of recycled jersey t-shirts. They have a great amount of stretch to them so I bought a few for fun. I fell in love with the multi-coloured, ever so slightly tribal look. After making the skirt you may have seen a few days ago, I also decided to make a dress.

You need: 4 rugs, a long white zip for the back, a sewing machine.
1. Sew two of the rugs together at the long edge to create one large piece of fabric. Do this to the other two rugs as well. I just hand stitched this.

2. Pin the zip down the middle of one of the pieces of fabric.

3. Sew the zip onto the fabric.

4. Cut the fabric where the zipper has been sewed on to complete the opening.

5. Trace out the dress shape onto the fabric using a bodycon dress.

6. Pin the two large pieces of fabric together flat and sew down the marked pattern of the dress.

7. Cut the excess fabric off along the stitch line – its best to do this once the seam has been sewn as the fabric starts falling apart once you cut into it.

8. This is what the finished dress will look like – turn it inside out and away you go!

Here’s the back.

Tags DIY dress Dresses Instructionals Outfits sewing Tribal Tutorials

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