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DIY 1 Minute Messy up do

DIY Style Sep 15, 2011

Inevitably when I get ready for any sort of function (wedding, big dinner, bah mitzfah or whatever) I’m running late. This is usually because during the course of getting ready, I’ve decided to embark on a major DIY project – forgetting the time and imminent need for my departure from the house. Makeup and hair are usually the last priotity for me (which I am sure is fairly self evident sometimes), so my go-to hairstyle is this messy up do. Perfect for whenever I have about 35 seconds in total to get out the door. Funnily enough it’s the hairstyle that gets the most comments from friends, colleagues etc. I wore it to my sister’s wedding here – not so bad for a rush job right?
I thought this might be an appropriate post given my friend’s wedding is tomorrow and I already have a craving to make some fabric pom poms – pretty sure this is the hair style that I’ll be sporting!
It’s best to do this with messy hair so that there is more body to the style. My hair was straightened when I did these pics which isn’t ideal – the ends tend to stick out which isn’t the look I go for – best to pin/hairspray until the pointy bits are, um, not so pointy. Day old, messy hair is key.

You need:
Bobby pins and hair spray

How to:
1. Part hair at your natural part – I go for side but if you play for the middle team feel free to do that instead.
2. Take a thick section of hair at the side at the front and lightly twist to the back, pinning in place.
3. Take the same size section from the other side at the front and twist to the back pinning together. You should have a simple half up-do happening.
4. Messily pin the rest of the hair up in sections, twisting and pinning in place. Make sure you have no little flyaways hanging down at the back.
5. Spray with hairspray.

I used to do this all the time when I had long hair – and instead of twisting I would plait the sections and pin in place. It’s also a good idea to try to hide the bobby pins in your hair a bit more than I did mine (woops!)
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