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DIY White Collar Necklace

DIY Style Sep 19, 2011

A few days ago I posted a pic of my DIY White statement/collar necklace here, see below for the tutorial. I have to admit that this DIY is just about as simple as they get – a lick of spraypaint on a rhinestone necklace and away you go. I’m sure this comes as good news to those of you who thought it was going to be super complex! I used white because I like the freshness worn on the neck, or over a collared top.

You need:
Rhinestone necklace, spray paint. I paid a bit more for the necklace I used because I was taken by the shape of the design, but I am sure you can get more basic ones from dress up stores and dollar shops.

How to:
1. Either outside or in a well ventilated area, lay the necklace on some newspaper.
2. Spray it lightly. I do mine by doing a number of light coats, letting it dry for a few minutes in between so that the spray doesn’t pool on the surface.
3. Leave to dry overnight.

And you’re done! I actually did another layer of non-toxic spray varnish on mine, but I don’t think that’s essential.

I wore this necklace last weekend with denim and pink and it was very very cute. I’m in the process of making a range of other colours which I absolutely cannot wait to show you.

Wearing: A Pair & A Spare Silk trousers, Country Road singlet, New Look shoes, DIY necklace.
Tags Jewellery Necklace

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