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DIY Glitter Back Boots

Inspiration Oct 2, 2011

You need to make these. A while ago I was perusing my friend Jen of The Style Crusader’s website and came across an amazing pic of a pair of glitter backed boots – and I bet you can guess what my first thought was. TOTAL DIY inspiration no?

Not long after, Steph and Trish of Le Fanciulle and I were chatting on instagram (as you do), and they tagged me in the very same pic – ‘G this is soo DIYable!’. Great minds think alike right?  Cut to two days later and the lovely ladies had made a pair of their own. Talk about efficient, and they look so so amazing.  They simply took a pair of tan boots and added glue and gold glitter to the back.  Talk about easy! Head to their blog and check out the DIY instructions here.

Have a DIY you want to share? Email/tweet/facestalk me – I love seeing your creations!

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