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DIY Leather Mini Skirt

Inspiration Oct 17, 2011

Warning: DIY is highly contagious.The more I immerse myself in the world of DIY, the more I find that my friends and family love to get creative too. When I was in Sydney recently I found that so many friends had projects on the go. My brother’s gorgeous girlfriend impressed me no end with this black leather mini skirt. DIYed from a thrifted mid length skirt (similar to this one), she simply cut it off at the desired length and used leather glue to hem it. This is such a fun example of breathing new life into an old piece to create something on-trend and infinitely wearable.

I love to see that DIY as a movement is gathering momentum and making everyone reevaluate their approach to  fashion and what they wear. I also like to think that my passion for DIY  has played a small part in encouraging my friends and family to get crafty. One can only hope! If they’re not going to read your blog and listen to your ramblings then no one is right?
Do you think that websites and blogs are helping you to tap into your inner DIY guru?

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