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DIY Neon Yellow Collar Necklace

DIY Style Oct 18, 2011

To those of your who’ve been hanging out for the tutorial for the Sass & Bide inspired neon yellow necklace, I’m so sorry it’s taken a long time. Life has been very hectic recently but I hope it’s worth the wait. This is another very simple project with an amazing result.

You’ll need:
A beaded collar necklace
Neon Spraypaint – look for a brand that is non-toxic when dry like Krylon (you’ll also need white if the necklace is a dark colour like mine was)

How to:
1. Lay the necklace out on a piece of plastic or paper in a well ventilated area.
2. The trick with spraypaint is to do multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat as this gives a much more uniform finish. To do this I sprayed one side of the necklace quite a few times over the course of a day, then once it was completely dry I flipped it over and did the other side.
3. Spray the necklace with a base coat of white if the collar necklace is a dark colour, as you want the neon to pop.
4. Finally, spray the necklace with a few coats of the neon. I sprayed a number of coats so it was really thick so that the beads don’t wobble around, and flipped over once the final coat was dry to do the other side.
You can also hang it up to do the spraying but because mine was a rounded collar shape it needed to be flat like this to work properly.
And voila! Although it’s quite a summery style, I think you can easily integrate it into your winter wardrobe too!
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