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DIY [carven Inspired] cut out Mini Dress

DIY Style Nov 23, 2011

Taking a horrendous dress and turning it into something cute and wearable is what I love most about DIY, and all it takes is a little time and imagination. As some of you may know, I fell in love with the Carven SS12 collection, particularly the strategically placed cut outs on the dresses. I knew the triangular cut out was something I would have to try for myself.
Originally I wanted¬†a dress¬†with a bright print like the Carven fabrics, but was unable to find anything I liked. I snagged this pink dress from the $1 pile of my local thrift shop and thought I could use that instead. I tried the dress on when I got home and my boyfriend almost vommed, it was not flattering in any way. I was told I resembled a ‘sister wife’ farmer in my mid-calf length, puffed shoulder dress that was also about 4 inches too big in the waist.
Transforming this dress took a little time but not that much skill, and all of it can be done by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine.
How I did it:
1. I cut the dress short and hemmed it.
2. I took the dress in at the waist by about 4 inches by sewing two thick darts in the back along the existing seam lines.
3. I then created the triangle in the front by cutting an upside down T into the front centre of the dress. I then folded the flaps of the T up and out to create the triangular opening.
4. I secured these using small stitches and then sewed the raw egde of the bottom of the T over to hem it.
5. Finally, I cut the sleeves off the dress and hemmed the new armholes.
6. I then gave the dress a really good iron, focusing on the hemmed areas.
All done! This dress is sure to get plenty of wear. I’ll be donning it with¬†some sheer spotted tights once the weather starts cooling down a bit in Hong Kong. If you like this look but don’t like the exposed skin, you can always sew some sheer lace over the opening which I think would be very cute.
I hope this sort of project inspires you to be a bit imaginative with things you see in thrift stores. There’s¬†a world of possibilities once you get to grips with taking the scissors to your clothes. Happy DIYing!
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