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DIY Clothing Mood Rail

DIY Projects Nov 22, 2011

If you have space, why not invest in a spare clothes rack to use as ‘mood rail’ – a place for you to separate a collection of seasonal items in different colours, prints and materials depending on your mood. Shini coined the term mood rail in a recent post and it felt so apt for how I have been using mine. This rack allows you to make little capsule collections of your own clothes and helps you put outfits together – especially when you’re running out the door. It’s also a great idea for slowly packing over the course of a week before you go on holiday.  If you were really organised you could also use the mood rail to plan a weeks outfits on a Sunday evening… but maybe this would be taking pre-planning a bit too far?  You can DIY your own rail using this or this tutorial.

Images: Heart + Bleecker, Love Aesthetics, Park & Cube, Pinterest

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