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DIY Glitter Boots

DIY Style Nov 26, 2011

Ok so most of you know that I’ve been obsessing over glitter this season. The Miu Miu AW11 show clearly got to me! In this project I’ll show you how to make a pair of glitter finished boots, so that you too can get some glittery goodness in your life. This is an incredibly easy project with a hugely satisfying result.
You Need:
-A pair of boots. I used an inexpensive pair of camel ankle boots.
– Glitter – I used gold but you can use any colour, black or silver would also be great.
– Acrylic glue
– A paint brush
– Spray on lacquer (find it amongst the spray paints in your local hardware store)
How to:
1. Firstly, clean the boots.
2. Mix the glue and glitter together in a container. Keep adding glitter to the mix until you have a thick consistency.
3. Avoiding the heel of the shoes, paint the shoes with the glitter glue.
4. Sprinkle the shoes with extra glitter to fully coat them so that no boot shows through.
5.  Once you are happy with the glitter and it has dried, spray the shoes with a coat of lacquer, as this will stop the glitter from falling off. You don’t want to leave a trail when you walk!
6.Let the lacquer dry overnight.
And voila, your glitter boots are now ready. I told you it was an easy project didn’t I? I’ll be pairing these glittery lovelies with a laid back outfit of ripped denim mini shorts, a slouchy sheer white singlet and black silk blazer.
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