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DIY Louis Vuitton Gold Collar

DIY Style Nov 3, 2011


My addiction to collars is still raging, and this amazing gold one by Louis Vuitton caught my eye. I couldn’t help but have a go at making my own version!  I would love to be able to hand craft a metal collar, but unfortunately that’s a major stretch of my DIY skills. So here’s my basic (and way cheaper) version using leather and gold spray paint.

I used the same design as this leather collar project I did a very long while ago.

You Need:

  • Leather (I used a scrap from a skirt)
  • Scissors
  • Gold Spraypaint (make sure it’s non-toxic as it will sit against your skin)
  • A Hook and eye.

How to:
1. I used as the template a collar I had made previously here. I have put the original pattern of it below.

2. Cut the collar out.

3. This is what the cut out collar should look like.

4. Take your collar outside and prepare to spraypaint. I did an undercoat of white so the gold would pop.

5. Spray with gold spraypaint.

6. Finally, sew the hook and eye on the front edges of the collar as shown below.

Voila! All done.
Tags Collars Paint spraypaint

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