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DIY Post-it Note Christmas Tree

DIY Projects Nov 30, 2011

In preparation for putting your Christmas decorations up over the next couple of weeks, I thought I would share with you a DIY christmas tree I made using post-it notes a couple of years ago when I was living in London. This is a really good project if you spend very little time at home or don’t want to buy a real tree. I made this makeshift tree when we were heading straight to the sky slopes on boxing day. I didn’t want to have a tree slowing dying in the house while we were away so thought this was a fun alternative.

You need:
– A few stacks of different coloured post-it notes. I went for yellow, light green and darker green to create the feel of the leaves on a christmas tree.
– Flat ornaments. I used some glittery bauble style christmas cards found in a dollar store.
– A star.
– Double sided tape.
How to:
1. Starting at the bottom, stick the post-it notes to the wall in a row to make the base of the tree. The first row will be the longest so use this to determine the height and width of your tree. Feel free to chalk to sketch out the shape of the tree (I didn’t bother).
2. Making sure to overlap the post-it notes and properly mix the colours, start on the second row, making it two post-it notes shorter in length than the base row.
3. Continue in this way up the tree – making sure to create a softly sloping triangle for the shape of the tree by doing shorter and shorter rows of post-it notes.
4. Keep going until you get to the top of the tree with a single post-it note.
5. Using double sided tape, stick the flat ornaments directly onto the ‘leaves’ on the edges of the tree.
6. Finish off the tree with the star using doubled sided tape (or blue tack).
And there you have it, a quick, cheap and fun alternative to the standard christmas tree. Stay tuned for my Christmas DIY Gift Guide.

I couldn’t help but share one of five amazing courses my bf whipped up on the day – bresola with seared peaches, goats cheese and rocket. Yum!

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