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DIY Rope Necklace and More...

Inspiration Nov 11, 2011

Sometimes I see editorials that fill me such DIY inspiration I feel like I should just quit my job and take up crafting full time. Or become a stylist – one with very limited actual styling abilities but plenty of skill with a couple of balls of neon string. The neon/tribal/beach theme in this shoot had me literally drooling, with the DIY inspiration details a giant cherry on top.

I have a majorly creative weekend planned, and this shoot has inspired me to:

– craft some simple rope necklaces
– make that blanket cape I keep banging on about
– make a skirt out of some mexican fabric
– craft a colourful feather collar
Phew. Lots of work ahead clearly. Happy Friday guys! Have you got any projects planned?
Images: Cosmopolitan Australia December 2011 via Oracle Fox (thanks to these ladies for the tip on this editorial. You guys were right, it’s completely up my alley).
Tags Capes Feathers Rope

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