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DIY Inspiration - dip Dyed Knit

Inspiration Feb 3, 2012

Even though many of us are looking towards spring and summer, in reality most of us are still wrapping up in order to leave the house (except southern hemisphere readers – but your turn will come!). And by now your knits are probably looking a bit tired after constant wear – so how about breathing a bit of life into them with some dip dying? I love this look.
Copy the one below by¬†dip dying a coloured knit, but dipping upside down so the gradation of colour comes from the top.¬†You could also do reverse dying – by taking a dark blue knit and bleaching the colour out of the bottom – although it’s ¬†more difficult to know what you’ll get what you do this.¬†One last tip – always use natural fabrics like cotton, denim or wool, as¬†polyester¬†doesn’t take one dye very well. Yup, been there, done that.
Image: h&m knit (I think) via Studded Hearts
Tags diy dip dyed Knits Tie Dye

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