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DIY Inspiration - Logo Tees

Inspiration Feb 27, 2012

Hand painted tees are possibly the easiest DIY around. A couple of years ago the Chanel tees did the rounds (this was one of my faves), and now Celine has popped up with one that’s inspiring me to write my own logo or saying on a tee.You can use a Sharpie to do your design, but personally I prefer acrylic paint and a more relaxed looking logo. Acrylic paint is great because it’s basically liquid plastic and sets quite nicely on a cotton tee. So what are you waiting for? Grab some paint and a white tee and go crazy!

Update: One of my readers let me know that a blogger was asked to remove a DIY logo tee from her website due to copyright infringement. If this concerns you my advice would be to put your favourite saying or something else on your tee rather than a branded logo.

 Image: Harper’s BAZAAR Australia
Tags Paint Tops

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