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DIY Isabel Marant Renell Jeans

Inspiration Feb 21, 2012

I’ve been lusting over these Isabel Marant ‘Renell’ jeans for over a year now, and I recently stumbled across a number of DIY projects that you could use to make your own. I found two different ways to make them – take your pick! You can use the printable pattern for the Aztec design which you can find over at Semi blog here

I found this tutorial over at The Fashion Worshiper

1. Print out the patterns below onto iron-on transfer paper.
2. Cut the patterns out and then iron onto the jeans – making sure to line up the seam properly.
3.Go over the top of the pattern with puff paint. This also gives the pattern more definition.

I found another way you could do it over at Desde Tenerife Con Amor.

1. Print out the pattern below and stick to thin cardboard – then carefully cut out the black sections using a stanley knife.
2. Place the stencil onto the jeans and use a sponge/brush to transfer black fabric paint onto the jeans in the shape of the stencil.
3. Use a small brush to handpaint the apricot coloured sections of the pattern.
4. Then use puff paint to fill in the other coloured accents of the pattern.

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