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DIY Peplum Skirt

DIY Style Feb 7, 2012

You probably already know that peplums are set to be a key trend this season. I was recently pondering how I could make my own version of the peplum – without having to faff around with bias cutting circular fabric etc. I then remembered a linen skirt that I thrifted a few weeks ago on a whim (one dollar yall!) and realised that its construction made it perfect for my next before & after project. The peplum skirt.

 Wearing: DIY Peplum skirt, Country Road Singlet, Karen Walker Sunglasses, DIY suede anklets (tutorial to come), heels courtesy of Tony Bianco.

The original skirt had a flared/fishtail style hem that was cut on the bias, not unlike the way a peplum is cut. I decided to remove it from the bottom of the skirt and resew it onto the top of the same skirt, this was actually a lot more simple than it looks.

Here’s a little S/S12 peplum inspiration for you.


You need:
– A flared hem skirt (examples here and you’ll find them in thrift stores )
– A sewing machine
– Thread matching your skirt
– Pins
How to:
1. First remove the flared part of the skirt using scissors. I did this by separating the seams so I didn’t cut into the fabric and cause fraying.
2. My skirt only actually had the flared part at the sides and flat panels at the back and front. I cut the whole section off including the flat panels.
3. Cut the flared section into two panels to go on the sides of your skirt. I did this by putting the flared section on around my waist and working out how much fabric to remove to have the peplums sitting on the sides with about a 10cm gap in the middle.
4. Hem the edges of the peplum pieces so they look clean and polished.
6. Pin the peplum pieces to the skirt.
7. Sew the peplum pieces onto the skirt. My skirt had a zip in the back left hand side of the skirt so I sewed the peplum on but only to the edge of the zip, and then I attached the rest of the peplum (about 5cm) with a hook and eye. If your skirt has a zip in the middle of the back it will be much easier.
8. Finally I hemmed the skirt.

How easy was that? I wore it recently and it was a complete winner! For those of you who are interested, in these pics I’m also wearing another of my recent DIYs – black suede fringed anklets over the top of black suede Tony Bianco heels. Tutorial to come.

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