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DIY Home: Accessory Ladders

DIY Projects Mar 13, 2012

Accessory storage can be an absolute pain – do you stack handbags? Put belts in drawers? Fold scarves? The options are numerous but I’ve never felt completely happy with the way I have done it at my place, somehow I always seem to find handbags and whatnot hidden at the bottom of my closet… It goes without saying that the Coveteur is a constant source of accessory storage inspiration, but sadly my boyfriend isn’t too keen on me balancing my pointed pumps in the fruit bowl – believe me I’ve tried!

Recently my friend got me onto accessory ladders, and let me just say – such a good idea. You can drape scarves, bags, big necklaces, hats and just about all your other accessories over the ladder in your bedroom. This makes it so simple to see what your options are every morning, and to display your accessories like art. I’ll be showing you how to make your own simple version soon so stay tuned. For now here’s some inspiration found via pinterest.

Images via: Sunshine Girl, House Vaganza, Diggers List, Karen Haller, Home Made Simple, Dying of Cute, Design Tabloid, 79 Ideas, The Coveteur, French Larkspur, Wallpaper


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