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DIY Inspiration - Beaded Sweater

Inspiration Mar 6, 2012

This bead applique sweater caught my eye not once but twice when I was stalking Paris Fashion Week street style recently. This would be such an easy project as long as you could get your hands on some oversized, geometric shaped beads. If not, try any sort of oversized beads or even a sequin applique – turns a basic marl jumper into something special.

 I love how the streets inspire me to DIY! Has anything caught your eye recently?

Can anyone tell me who makes this number? Am getting a Marni vibe but might be wrong.

Update – this sweater is by Vika Gazinskaya (seen in the top picture and all over street style blogs) and the beads are actually wood diamonds that are attached with snap buttons. You can see them up close in this video – fast forward to 1.54.

 Image: Grazia it
Tags Beads Jumpers Streetstyle

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