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Sewing - how Useful is it?

Home DIY Mar 21, 2012

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now and decided to reach out to you guys to get some of your thoughts on sewing. If you come here often you’ll know that many of my DIY projects have an element of sewing in them –  and my before & after projects would be nothing without my trusty singer. Even though I have very basic sewing skills, the things I make and wear wouldn’t be anywhere near as good without the help of my machine.
I would love (and be ever so grateful) to hear your thoughts on sewing. I often see comments from people in relation to sewing skills and sewing machines – if only I knew how to sew, I would love to have a machine, I have a machine and don’t know how to use it etc and thought I would start a discussion on the topic here on my blog. Feel free to leave your responses below and I will be sure to answer any questions/discussion points you have. A few ideas on discussion points –
– Have you ever sewed?
– If yes, what level would you say you are at?
– If not, would you like to learn how to sew? To what level would you like to learn? Ie basic/ sewing with patterns etc
– Do you think sewing is important/useful for DIY Fashion?
– Do you have a sewing machine? Do you want to get one?
– Do you enjoy sewing?
– If you would love to sew but don’t, what do you feel is holding you back? Is it time, cost of a machine, space etc.
– Do you prefer DIY projects that don’t require any sewing?
Thank you so much if you get a chance to leave your thoughts, they mean the absolute world to me and will help me shape my content so you get more of the things you love. I’ll leave you with some sewing/craft room inspirations – which isn’t to say you need this sort of set up to start experimenting with sewing, but these are the types of DIY inspired spaces I dream about!

Images: Home Remedies, Lovely Design, Junkaholique, Coletterie, Decor8 Blog, Design Sponge, The Marion House Book, Little Fine Day, A Sewing Journal, Ticking and Toile


Let us know your thoughts!

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