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Wardrobe Rehab: the Spring Edit

Style Mar 14, 2012

Spring is officially here – and although in some parts of the world it may feel like it’s been around for a while, and in others it seems as though it might never come at all, the change of season is a great opportunity to overhaul your closet. To reorganise, ditch the rubbish and generally renew your racks so you’re ready for the new season and summer (!).
Spring is a great opportunity to embark on a a full on wardrobe edit, and hopefully you’re acquainted with my Six Step ‘Wardrobe Rehab’ process. If you haven’t fully reviewed your wardrobe in a while no doubt you will be in need of some serious organisation – so head over and get amongst my six steps – I promise you it will help.
Bearing in mind the change of season, in addition to the wardrobe rehab posts, here are a few extra tips to help welcome spring into your wardrobe.
Pack It Away – Make room in your closet for your spring clothes by packing away all your winter clothes – that includes coats, 400 knotted pairs of tights, warm boots and whatever you won’t wear. This might go without saying but sometimes I forget to do this and find myself wading through winter bit and pieces for months.
Try Summer/Spring Clothes on – Make sure you try on all your summer gear to make sure it fits and looks great, this is great time to do a mini cull if you’re not going to do the full on wardrobe rehab.
Review Colours – Need to stock up on a few coloured pieces for the coming summer? Now is the time to check if your wardrobe needs a few pops of colour.
Clean spring/summer accessories – Pull out items like your gladiator flats, hats and other things you probably haven’t worn for 6 months and give them a good polish/spruce up so they’re ready to go when you’re running out the door. 
Check Basics – Do you have all the singlets and tees you’re going to need for summer? Stock up on simple basics which will probably be the basis for your wardrobe in summer.
Organise – Fold, hang, completely rejig – now’s the time! Ideas on how to do it here.
Make a Summer List – Look carefully at your wardrobe once it’s nice and organised and see if there is anything you need to create better spring/summer simple outfits. Shorts? Mini skirts? Summer dresses? This is a great opportunity to create a list that will focus your shopping for the coming months. You will likely be able to find some of the things you need in thrift stores (where you’ll find me most weekends) so make sure you check out there first.
Looking for inspiration for your Spring/Summer wardrobe? To help you I’ve picked a few favourite blogger and streetstyle outfits that felt very much appropriate. Pastels, florals, white and pops of colour – these will come as no surprise to you! Must remember to get myself a fedora in every colour asap!
Jess from Tuula Vintage | Liz from Late Afternoon
Mandy from Oracle Fox | Shea Via Cheyenne Meets Chanel
Kendie from Kendie Everyday | Andy from Style Scrapbook
Would love to know if you have any other spring wardrobe edit tips!
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