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DIY Neon Tassel Necklace

DIY Style Apr 27, 2012

My love affair with anything neon continues in full swing – when will it end I ask you? If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll also know that tassels are another one of my obsessions – so why not combine the two for some truly festive neckwear? I have to thank the old craft lady in the markets in Hong Kong who showed me the basics of how she makes tassels, I’ve simplified her version a little but without her I’d be pretty much in the dark about how to make them.
If you follow my blog you’ll know that I have an addiction to anything neon, DIY neon pieces being my absolute favorite.  I thought I would show you how to make the worlds most simple necklace, a fringe style which is actually just a bunch of different coloured tassels on a chain.  In the tutorial I will show you how to make one blue tassel, but feel free to repeat the process and add as many as you like – and go crazy with colours!


You need:
– 40 pieces of coloured string cut to around 30cm (to make one tassel)
– two jump rings
– a lobster clasp
beading pliers
How to:
1. Create the base of your necklace by cutting the chain to your desired length, adding a jump ring to one end, and a jump ring and lobster clasp to another end. I chose to do a double chain but you can go for a single if you prefer.
2. To make a tassel, take the coloured string and line it up on the table, and then place it over the chain so that half the string hangs on one side and half on the other side.
3. Take one leftover piece of string and tie it around the doubled over bunch of strings.
4. Then wrap that piece of string around the bigger bunch of strings 10 or so times so it looks like a tassel.
5. Secure the tassel off by doubling the wrapped string through a wrap to create a knot, letting the excess hang down as part of the fringe. I like the messy look of the strings but you can trim the tassel to all one length if you want.
6. Now add as many more tassels in bright colours as your heart desires!
And there you have it – such a simple but eye catching necklace.
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