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DIY Multichain Necklace

DIY Style May 31, 2012

I mentioned stacked necks yesterday and couldn’t help but throw this little number together for you to see how easy it is to make some statement neck jewelry for yourself. This is one of those necklaces you can put together, wear a few times and then pull apart and use the chain for something else – how great is it when you can get multiple uses from a material?

You need:
– Assorted chains in different colours and sizes – choose lightweight ones like mine so your necklace isn’t too heavy.
– A large carabiner
– Extra large jump rings
– Small gold safety pins
Jewelry plyers

Steps after the break!

How to:

1. Start by threading the ends of your chains onto the jump rings, one jump ring on each end to attach to the carabiner. You may need to double your chains around if you want a shorted necklace like mine.

2. Use the pins (or small jump rings) to attach the smaller chains onto the jump rings.

3. Attach all the chains to the jump rings.

4. Thread the jump rings onto the carabiner. (On a side note, I absolutely love the utility look of the large carabiner, but you can use a smaller one if you want a more subtle style).

5. Attach the jump rings on the other end of the chains onto the other side of the carabiner to create the necklace.

To take the necklace on and off, simply open the carabiner, take one side of the chains off and string around your neck – reconnecting the jump rings onto the carabiner at the back. I made sure to lay the carabiner flat agaist the back of my neck so it was comfortable.

I layered mine with the studded necklace I made here, feel free to mix in pendants, necklaces or anything else you have. Have fun!

Wearing: DIY necklace, silk top – my own design

Tags Chain Jewellery Necklace

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