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DIY Inspiration: Anklets

Inspiration Jun 7, 2012

Anklets are back. Bigtime. Perhaps for you they never left, but for me the last time I wore them was at Glastonbury a few years ago. There are so many options for anklets – beaded, chains, rope, friendship bracelets, and no reason who you shouldn’t make them yourself – in fact you’d be mad not to. I wonder if this is the start of something major, and soon we’ll all be wearing stacked ankles? For the time being I’m a big fan of the delicate gold and silver versions like the one lovely Nicole is wearing below – here’s a little inspiration!

Images: Gary Pepper Vintage (here and here), Citizen Couture, Vanilla Scented, Gold and Gray, Man Repeller, Stockholm Streetstyle, Pinterest, Garance dore

Tags Jewellery

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