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Outfit Inspiration: the Jumpsuit

Inspiration Jun 22, 2012

Every summer like clockwork I get a hankering for jumpsuits. They just have to be the most simple of outfits to thrown on a go – and soft silky ones that woosh around your legs when you walk feel so good to wear. Although, I must say they seem more prone to wardrobe mishaps, not least that you have to basically get naked in order to go to the toilet – you really want to make sure you locked the door! I recently bought this one from Asos in canary yellow which I’ve been wearing to death, I can’t wait to show you it! I’m also thinking about buying this one, but I know these things can be easy (and fun) to make yourself so I might have a crack.

Lee Olivera, Refinery29, Garance Dore, Knight Cat, Hanelli, Harpers Bazaar Jun/Jul 2012,  This Time Tomorrow, Olivia Palermo, Vanessa Jackman


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