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How to: mix Floral Prints

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2012

At my birthday celebrations this coming weekend a dress code of florals has been proposed, and it got me to thinking about how I could wear as much floral print as humanly possibly without hurting my friend’s eyes. You have to admit when it comes to mixing florals, sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn’t. After searching the net for some of my favourite mixed floral looks, I had a few thoughts on how to go about mixing it up, floral-wise.
Decide on base colours: Most florals have a base colour, often white or black. You can choose to either go for similar base colours or contrast the base colours of your florals.
Choose the scale: Contrast the scale of your florals, big on the bottom and small on top, or create continutity with a single scale of florals in different colours. If you’re nervous about mixing florals, choose an smaller, more intricate scaled pattern for part of your outfit which will blend from a distance.
Perfect the palette: Choose overall colour palettes that work well together.
Break up the pattern: Use blazers or cardigans in neutral colours to break up the pattern.
Accessorise: You can go for block colour accessories, or you can also pick a shade out of your florals such as red and match your accessories to that shade. Clearly the options are endless!
Perhaps in the end there are no rules at all, and if you wear your mixed floral with confidence you’ll pull it off – let’s see if I can this weekend. I nabbed a few amazing floral printed fabrics on the weekend and can’t wait to get to work!

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