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How to: Pack for Fashion Week

How To Aug 31, 2012

Packing for a holiday is relatively simple compared to packing for fashion week. Admittedly I’m an amateur on the whole packing for fashion week subject so in the lead up to fashion month I reached out to three friends – Jess, Peony and Vanessa, each of them fashion week veterans who inspire me every day, to share some of their packing tips.¬† Get ready to be schooled by the best of the best!

Jess – Tuula
Recognised the world over for her simple and yet always phenomenally on-the-mark style, Jess travels constantly (is anyone else uber jealous of her European Summer?) and chooses a relaxed approach to packing –
“I usually try to stock up on staple pieces that are my style to stretch options for the week eg white pants, black heels and boots, a black bag to fit everything including camera, then add in the more fun and statement pieces. Some little tricks I do with packing is using clutches that can double as make up cases and hang clothes in the bathroom to steam while I’m showering. Sometimes being limited to what is in your suitcase provides a forcing chance to put things together you otherwise wouldn’t of!”

Photo of Jess via here by the unbelievably talented Zanita

Peony – Peony Lim
The darling of street style photographers everywhere – she rivals magazine editors in her ability to put together perfectly styled, natural looking outfits – Peony is from a highly organised school of thought when it comes to packing, and told me –

“I always pack in outfits, otherwise you bring waste and I find I have so much to pack for fashion month I can’t afford to waste space.¬† I try and re-wear bags and shoes as they take up the most space.
I hand carry hats, I just never trust them in the hold.¬† Also I pack each outfit in a dry cleaning bag, I find it helps to trap air and prevent hardcore creases.”

Photo of peony via here.

Vanessa – Vanessa Jackman
As a veteran of the behind-the-scenes scene of Fashion Month, known for her insane ability to catch gorgeous (and real) women on the streets (often on a film camera no less!), Vanessa’s fashion week is highly demanding (no swanning around in the press lounge for her!) and she opts for comfort when packing –
¬†“My absolute essentials for fashion week are: My camera of course!¬†(plus a back up body in case anything goes wrong).

Really comfy shoes as I literally don’t sit down¬†all day¬†except for short¬†taxi or subway rides. I am in awe of those amazing¬†girls that¬†wear super high¬†heels all the time during the fashion week. I would last 5 mins!¬†My current favourites are a pair of Ugg Australia¬†sneakers which are lined in sheepskin. They are so comfy (if a little cosy!)¬†even after¬†12 hours on my feet.

Lipgloss for chapped lips. Plane travel, plus long days in the sun¬†mean my lips need lots of TLC. I love PawPaw ointment (is there any Aussie that doesn’t¬†carry a tube of this in their handbag?!) and Fresh Sugar tinted¬†lip treatment which has a little blush of colour in it. Perfect for smooshing¬†on dry lips periodically throughout the day”.

Photo of Vanessa via here.

I love that all these women have packing styles and essentials that are so completely different – proof that there’s no one ‘right’ way to go about it and it’s more about going with your purpose for being there and also your natural style. ¬† It’s probably time I stopped faffing around and loaded up my suitcase! Now if only Peony would come over and help me pack my outfits perfectly in dry cleaning bags…

Need some more ideas about how to pack for fashion week or your next holiday? See my guide here. 

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