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DIY Inspiration: the Temporary Bubble Skirt

Inspiration Aug 30, 2012

I’m pretty sure Zoe Salanda’s stylist was like dammmmmmnnnn girl your legs are way to fine to be hidden under this here middi skirt. Wait one second whilst I go all DIY on your outfit and unleash your hotness on the world by pinning (or tack stitching) your skirt up into a  bubble.  Or perhaps she was going to meet her new boyfriend’s ultra conservative parents for the first time after the event and took some scissors in her clutch to make the ensemble oldies-appropriate. Or mayyybe it was a last minute decision made in the taxi on the way to the event – she wouldn’t be the first woman to get crafty at the last second. Anyway, enough hypothesising – it was done and I love her for it (although I am so so on the print) – it’s a great way to temporarily transform your midi skirts!

I’m pretty sure I used this technique as a 15 year old going to parties – I remember it being a great way to fool my mother into thinking I had given up my predeliction for short skirts (until I was safely out the door that is).

Image: RCFA & Jonathan Saunders top and skirt

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