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How to: Colour Block Your Bookshelves

DIY Projects Aug 27, 2012

In the event that you’re suffering from not-enough-to-do-syndrome or are aching for the theraputic effects of sorting all your books – why not go all Monica from Friends on your reading material and organise them by colour? Although not as functional as the usual author-last-name method of sorting books (library style) or as efficient as the stuffing-books-into-bookshelf-and-hoping-they-don’t-fall-out method (my personal favourite), the aesthetics of a colour blocked bookshelf can’t be beaten. Perfect for those of us who go for aesthetics over function and sort their closets in the same way. Got a spare few hours this coming weekend? Follow these steps.
How to colour block your bookshelves:
Step 1. Start by deciding the scale of your sorting – if you have a big collection of books it may be best to start with books in a particular room/on a particular shelf or ones you read / dont read. If in doubt, start small such as the books on your desk or one small shelf.
Step 2. Pull all the chosen books off the shelf and put in piles on the floor, then start to sort by the colour of the spines (not the covers). You will probably have a range of different shades (for example pinks) amongst each colour.
Step 3. Once all the colours are roughly sorted, grade the shading of colours within each colour group.
Step 4. Decide how you are going to then place the books on the shelf, taking note of which colour has the most books and will take up the most space.
Step 5. It’s sometimes hard to decide what colours to put next to each other – certain colours like blue/green/yellow/orange/pink/red will transition easily, but black and browns and white spines you can put wherever you like. Or put the colours on the shelf randomly – it will still look great and sometimes is more natural than the rainbow look.
Have you got any other tips for sorting your books? Or do you think that the colour blocked bookshelves are too much?

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