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How to: Grow Bold Brows

Inspiration Aug 22, 2012

We’ve come a long way since the late 90s when less was more in the way of brows – and it’s no longer de rigueur to have them pen line thin. The worst part about having thin brows is that it’s actually quite hard to get them back to their former glory once you’ve overplucked or waxed! I’m sure most of us have been in this position before – I know that Bambi one-handedly made me lust for more natural brows.  Recently I’ve started growing mine back to a fuller shape after I noticed that the Indian lady who does my threading had got a little excited and they were slowly getting thinner. Here’s a peek inside my operation:brows regime.
How to grow your eyebrows back:
1. Give them a rest – if you’ve overplucked, chances are you’ve messed with the natural shape of your brows alot, so go celibate on your brows by leaving them be for a good month or two. Choose a beach holiday or other relaxed time to do it if you are going to be conscious of your scraggily brows, you can also pluck a little in the arch if that makes the growing out period more bearable.
2. Massage – I’ve heard that massaging with lach serum or castor oil can be good for promoting growth.
3. Hide Imperfections – Use concealer and powder to cover stray hairs while you’re growing them back.
4. Go Professional – When you’ve grown them back, head to a waxer to get an understanding of the best shape for you – just make sure to tell them you want them as natural looking as possible. Read more about how to perfect your shape here.
5. Use brow gel – One of the main reasons my brows used to end up way thinner than I wanted is that I have hairs that hang down and appear to need removing, but are actually part of my natural brows. I have taken to using brow gel to hold them in place so I don’t have to remove as much. It made such a big difference! I also now use brown pencil to fill them in and make them fuller.I’d love to know if anyone has any other tips for how to get perfect natural style brows – any ideas?

Images: Olsens Anonymous (#1, #2, #5), Mania Mania, La Times, TFS

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