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Make a Wish Bracelets

Inspiration Aug 16, 2012

Just got back to HK after a five week trip to Australia. I had such an amazing time, made all the more fun because I haven’t spent more than a week with my friends and family since moving to London (and then on to Hong Kong) 5 years ago. I can’t explain how nice it was to spend quality time with best friends with whom I can usually only squeeze in a lunch – those of you who live away from your hometown will understand what I mean. I recently got my hands a pair of these gorgeous ‘make a wish’ bracelets and so before I left I gave one to my best friend, she’s super sentimental and I know she loves the thought of us sharing something like this even though we are so far apart!

Bracelets via Boticca
I actually just saw that they have free shipping this weekend for everyone… think I might get some more!
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