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DIY Inspiration: on the Streets of #nyfw

Inspiration Sep 10, 2012

It’s been a busy few days in New York and I can’t help but be inspired by all the truly amazing fashion I’ve seen around me. Naturally, seeing so many beautiful things makes me want to run out and buy it all, but a girl’s gotta eat right? So here are a few cheap and chic ideas for how to get the look from the street, without blowing the budget.

Ripped and painted denim shorts? Yes please!

I can totally see this bra (is it rag & bone?) being easy to make out of elastic and lycra, although probably best for those with less jugs. Just saying.

I’m so going to dress up a simple white tee using pretty fabric scraps.

Over sized chain goodness. Once again, make like this girl and DIY.

Not so easy, but a DIY lace skirt is on my radar. Stat.

Fringe + skirt = textured (and shimmy-ing) goodness.

Can’t wait to add a detachable sheer layer to my skirts!

And add chunky chain to a coloured tote.

Why just go for one embellishment? Add coins, pom poms, gold lace and ribbon to your skirt asap.

The wrap skirt is a cinch – stick around this week to see how (!).

ADR’s accessories collection for H&M is killer (so I hear), and these gold sunglasses scream painted plastic alligators glued onto a pair of simple sunnies. Yep yep.
Images: Tommy Ton for, Phil Oh for Vogue, The Cut

Tags New York Fashion Week Streetstyle

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