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Wardrobe Rehab: the Fall Edit

How to wear it Oct 3, 2012

So it’s that time of year again when the air turns cool, the leaves begin to change colour and naturally our minds turn to cold weather ensembles. The change in season is a perfect opportunity to look objectively at your wardrobe, to cull and edit it so you know exactly what you have, and what you need. In the last week or so I have gone through 3 stages of mini wardrobe rehab (have you checked out the full Wardrobe Rehab process?) in preparation for the fall (or autumn depending on where you live) and winter seasons. Rather than rushing out and buying everything I can get my hands on as soon as the temperature drops, by going through a slower and more methodical process I know I can reuce the changes of buying items I won’t wear, or worse, don’t fit in with my wardrobe. In an era of fast fashion sometimes it pays to go a little slower before diving into the ocean that is Zara or H&M and all the trends pieces they have to offer – it was a trip to Zara that actually (and resulting urges to buy everything!) that fueled the edit. Are you also keen to edit your wardrobe for the coming season? Read on!

Outfit 1: Whistles black leather bomber jacket (kinda like this),  Madewell silk shirt (similar to the beautiful Equipment ones but a little more budget friendly!), Vintage wool shorts (I kinda want these too), Asos Chelsea boots, Asos fedora (super old but this one is the same)
Outfit 2: Zara camel trench (this one is also super nice), Madewell silk shirt, J Brand Boyfriend Jeans, Converse, Coach Navy fedora.

Three Step Fall (Autumn) Wardrobe Edit
1. Cull – Now is a perfect time to pull all your winter clothes out from under your bed or at the back of your wardrobe and look over them thoroughly. Are they in good nick or did you wear them to death last season? Go through all your cooler weather clothes like jackets and coats, as well as tights, jeans and boots to make sure they are up to scratch. If you find any worn out items commit to fixing them or put them in a pile for friends or the secondhand store. Freshen up all your winter clothes by washing or hanging up.

2. Review – Now that you have removed all the surplus items you probably won’t wear this fall and winter, it’s time to go through what’s left and start getting into cold weather outfit  mode. How much does it suck when you feel like you get to the end of October and are catapulted into Winter but have forgotten how to put a decent winter outfit together? Take a few hours to plan some colder weather outfits in your head, and decide what is missing from your wardrobe that will be essential for the coming months.

3. Shop –  Put together a list of the items you are missing. In terms of winter clothes, I think you get what you pay for, which is why I like to research winter clothes (like the purchase of the sacred winter coat) or buy vintage where I can. If you buy a gorgeous wool coat and can wear it for the next 3 years like I have done, it’s money well spent.  I also look at winter as a good opportunity to buy a hard wearing basic items that go with a million different outfits – trends may come and go but essential items will always work in your wardrobe. I like to invest in neutral colours like navy, white, black and khaki to get me through winter, and I try to DIY or thrift trend pieces style to pair with basics. In the pics I have added here as Fall/Autumn outfit inspiration  (naturally I will be wearing wool tights with the shorts and skirts!) most of the items you see I have owned for the last couple of years, and have been able to keep and wear over and over, mixing up with things I have made and things I have thrifted. If you stick to basics and essentials for your key pieces and you will never be disappointed!

Outfit 3: H&M khaki parker (like this), Vintage leather skirt,  DIY leather collar shirt, Zara suede ankle boots (like these), J Crew silk scarf
Outfit 4: Comptior des Cotonniers Creme trench, Vintage breton top, J Brand Red Jeans, Brahmin Satchel Bag, Asos boots.

Stay tuned as I’ll be doing a post of my favourite winter essentials and my (very short) ‘must have’ list soon! Have you got any other tips for how you clean out your wardrobe in preparation for Fall and Winter?

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