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Wardrobe Rehab: the Uniform

Style Nov 5, 2012

If I had to choose a few items for my closet as my absolute essentials, the ones below would be them –  a uniform that’s perfect in summer as is or layered with tights and a coat in winter. Remember how easy it used to be at school when you knew exactly what you would be wearing day in and day out? Kind of boring I know (and my uniform was the least flattering thing in the world – we spent the whole time trying to make it chic) but it did make life pretty easy. Sometimes I find it really it helps to have an outfit of favourite basic pieces (as well as a few variations of that outfit) that you feel comfortable in and can throw on when you need to run out the door without having to umm and ahhh over your outfit choices. Naturally this outfit doesn’t work in every situation but it hopefully comes pretty close. Funnily enough the concept of the uniform is something I got from my boyfriend, when we were first together I noticed that he wears variations of the same thing everyday, so I thought I would try out a similar approach. It’s become second nature now, I could probably throw out most of the rest of my closet!
My uniform: Vintage leather skirt (this is a similar one), vintage breton top (want one of these!), Zara ballet flats (these are cute too), gold pendant bought in Paris, Coach watch.

My other favourite picks for a uniform are a simple white silk shirt and a pair of denim shorts or boyfriend jeans.

If you had to describe your own ‘uniform’ (the clothes that feel like a second skin when you wear them) what would it be? I’d love to hear!

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