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DIY Baroque Sweatshirt

DIY Style Dec 7, 2012

Embellished sweaters are a major trend for the holiday season, and who wouldn’t want to get a bit of bead adorned baroque-ness in their lives? A few of my friends here in Hong Kong have just started a new online store called A Boy Named Sue which specialises in ‘cool clothes with a conscience’ – super cute clothes made by designers with eco, social and local values. The concept of the store is pretty close to my heart, in part because much of the DIY movement aligns with these ideals, and also because I come from a long line of tree huggers (#fact). My addiction to before & after projects started when I was knee high to a grasshopper, and to me is proof that it’s possible to look chic while being conscious of the story behind your clothes. Recently the girls came over to my house to make this holiday inspired sweatshirt (and eat a mountain of cupcakes), taking inspiration from the bead and brocade embellished pieces in the Balmain AW 2012 collection. What could be a better look for your party sweater this season?

You need:

  • A sweatshirt (this one is made from super soft organic cotton)
  • A piece of baroque or brocade fabric
  • Pearl Beads
  • Gold beads
  • Scissors
  • Threads to match your brocade and sweatshirt
  • Pins

Watch the video to see how we went about it!

How to:

1. Cut some fabric to fit the shoulder panels of the sweater (you can use craft paper to trace the template if that makes it easier).
2. Pin and then sew the brocade pieces onto the shoulders. I just did a simple running stitch.
3. Take some pearl beads and sew them around the edges of the fabric pieces on the shoulders and also the neckline.
4. Lay your sweatshirt flat and put more pearl beads down to get an idea of the design you want on the body of the sweater.
5. Sew the pearl beads on.
6. If you want, sew some gold beads onto the body of the sweater to complete this festive design.

Get ready to party holiday style!

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