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DIY Home: Framed Scarves

DIY Projects Dec 13, 2012

Framing scarves is awesome because a) scarves are a dime a dozen in everyone’s local thrift store b) printed scarves are always something that get relegated to the bottom of my closet regardless of how much I tell myself ‘I’m going to start wearing turbans’ when I buy them and c) they usually have a symmetric pattern which lends itself perfectly to being put in a simple Ikea frame or something more fancy if you have access. If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing Hermes scarf to your name it’s also a great way to preserve something precious. In the event that one of these isn’t currently at the top of your priority list (cos, you know, you have to eat), never mind. Framing an inexpensive scarf like the one you found while on holidays for a dollar is just a special, without the added concern of some fashion savvy crook (eg the one from Legally blond rather than the one from Clueless) recognizing it and taking off out the window with your pride and joy.

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