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DIY Home: Creative Headboards

DIY Projects Jan 17, 2013

As I get older I find my interests changing, where before my brain was on a constant loop of ‘omg fashion OMG FASHUN’, these days my DIY addiction often finds itself distracted by things to be done in the home – some might call it ‘prettying up the nest’, but it’s actually more the process of transitioning from a uni student with milk crates as shelves (DIY yall!) to someone with a little more interest in their surroundings (other than where to perch my bacardi breezer). Number one currently on my list of (unnecessary) things I want to do to my house is to get creative with my headboard. Here are some ideas for you, I myself am leaning towards a mexican blanket headboard but you can take your pick.

Images: here, here, here, here, here,  here,


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