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Wardrobe Rehab: Forever Trends

Inspiration Feb 7, 2013

Every season I feel like trend fashion becomes more and more intertwined. The internet and our hunger for the newest and shiniest pieces means that we often start looking ahead to the next season well before this one has even got underway. Admittedly I’m a tiny fish in this tide of the seasons – you’ll often find me plotting the DIYs I’ll be doing at the same time as they’re walking the runway (and won’t be in stores for 6 months!). At this time of year when all the fashion shows start, we’re just about to embrace a new season (Spring!) and wham! We’ve got looks from next season in our face. And let’s not even get started on what it’s like when you live in Australia, you’re a season behind weather wise and 4 seasons ahead trend wise. Although I’m really looking forward to glimpsing what’s in store for us this coming winter ( even though winter is my least favourite season – give me resort any day, even sounds more fun) sometimes it’s nice to pour yourself a cup of tea, take a deep breath and remind yourself that no matter what comes down that shiny runway, all shimmering hair and ‘can’t-turn-left-ness’, some trends will never die. Keep them in your closet and you’ll wear them over and over, with minor updates if required. I love to think of these as ‘forever trends’, cos you know, they’re forever and all. A few of my favourites to follow.

Leopard Print
At one point a few years ago I thought leopard print was D.E.A.D. Probably because I made the mistake of going into a high street store mid sale when animal prints were at their height and it looked like someone had butchered half the Great Migration in there. But as I’ve gotten older prints have stood by me in my wardrobe and I honestly think done right, they’ll live on forever.

Double Denim
Maybe you’re like no way double denim is passe or will be or should be, but it looks so good in this casual and relaxed way that I don’t think it will truly ever pass. So if you hate it, be prepared to see it over and over.

Red on red
Can you say sexy and sleek and amazing all at once? I wear so much red on a day-to-day basis (it’s the extra colour I buy my basics / essentials in) but I know for some it’s not their favourite shade, however I honestly think you’ll never go wrong with red on red.

Sometimes a major trend that dominates the runways, floral prints worn well are a trend with staying power. As long as you don’t wear head to toe florals, and hell, even if you do – this look will never get old. Pick up some vintage florals and wear them for the rest of your life – til you’re eighty!

There’s nothing as elegant as a jumpsuit, and no matter what magazines and the runways are telling you that you should be wearing, you’ll always be the best dressed person in the room with a jumper on.

All White
So crisp and fresh, all white is a major trend this coming Spring, but that doesn’t mean it’s ever any less chic. Even if the runways are all goth and dark, all white is a welcome distraction.

Tone on tone
I’m such a big fan of tone on tone outfits where you dress in only one colour. Not the easiest thing to pull off but striking and a forever trend for those people who can get it right. You sure need lots of clothes in your wardrobe to make it work! Or perhaps just buy your clothes only in one colour?

The Hat
There’s just something special about the addition of a black fedora (or indeed any chic black hat) to your outfit. Although at times they dominate the runway, a fedora is something that’ll live in your wardrobe and do you well, hopefully keeping your head warm til your old and grey.

Polka Dots
Bringing to mind chic mad men inspired ensembles, polka dots have such a sense of fun that I don’t think you’ll ever see them cast off. I’ve had a silk polka dot skirt for 8 years and have worn it monthly – chic and forever.

If my collections of breton striped tops is anything to go by (way to embarrassed to say just how many I have!) then stripes are a trend that you’ll be able to wear until the end of your days. I’m sure this is one most of us can get on board with right?
Black and white
Ye olde staple, a simple outfit of black and white will absolutely never ever become outdated. Probably the most forever of the forever trends.
The Perfect Jeans
It’s a pretty simple process, find the style that suits you, and wear it all the time. Full stop.
The moral of this story? Buy forever trends when you see them and you’ll be eternally well dressed regardless of what’s ‘hot’. I’ve only scratched the surface here I know – do you have any outfits/ensembles you think of as ‘forever’? I’d love to hear!
Images:Peony Lim, StreetFsnStockholm Streetstyle, Candice Lake, Vanessa Jackman, Tuula, Lee Oliveira, The Sartorialist, Elle, Harpers Bazaar

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