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DIY Inspo: Phillip lim Ss13

Inspiration Mar 26, 2013

Just when you thought you’d seen every incarnation of rhinestones possible, Mr Lim reinvents them in the form of flower (and faintly bullet hole) shaped embellishments on a grunge tee. Who said that rhinestones had to be pretty, girly and only for nights out with your gal pals? Done right they’re just as suited to a meet up downtown with your ‘crew’ (or something along those lines).

And while we’re at it, can we talk for a second about some other noteworthy, ie DIYable, details from the Spring collection? Namely the tie waisted skirts (art imitating life if you ask me) and the leopard sleeved sweater which is just screaming out for an amateur attempt. Let’s here it for Spring!

Images by me.


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