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Wardrobe Rehab: Spring Refresh

Style Mar 13, 2013

Can I get a ‘hell yeah’ for the fact that we’ve officially landed in Spring? Although in Hong Kong Winter isn’t cold relative to other parts of the world, the clouds hang low and they pretty much take my mood with them. Not ideal! But no matter where you live in the world Spring brings a beautiful pungent-ness to the air (seriously, put your head out the window and take a big wiff), maybe it’s the blooms coming out but more than that, it’s a renewed sense of optimism that sunnier weather brings. If you’re like me, it’s time for a little Spring wardrobe refresh. Kind of like a wardrobe cull but not so full on, a wardrobe refresh involves working through your clothes and planning outfits in order to find out what you have and where the gaps lie – a poorly planned Spring wardrobe can leave you riffling through piles of tees when you could be out boating – the horror! A Wardrobe Refresh is great for people who have already put a little thought into curating their closet – if yours is need of a bit more TLC  you can use this time to start at the beginning with Wardrobe Rehab!

Spring Outfit 1. Pink shift dress (similar here), Zara heels (love these!), Asos cat eye sunglasses , PVC belt, DIY transparent satchel. Spring Outfit 2. Cut off denim shorts (similar here), Vintage Breton top (similar here), Asos hat , Zara ballet flats (I used to buy these when I lived in London but also bought these recently and they’re the most comfortable I’ve ever worn), Brahmin Bag

Spring Wardrobe Refresh

The Spring refresh is about creating sample outfits out what you already own to see if what is in your closet will be chic and wearable for another season – and working out where the gaps are if this isn’t the case. I found that with a little thought, cute Spring outfits came out at me that I never would have thought of at a push when I’ve got 15 minutes to be out the door.

1. Start with the basics – I’m sorry to sound like a broken record but checking that you have your Spring basics nailed is pretty key to perfect outfits everytime, one that will take you from a picnic to a bar without those horrible ‘but what will I wear?’ moments. But what are your Spring basics you ask? I say, start with a pair of cut off denim shorts, add a breton top, a circle skirt, a white tee, a shift dress, a couple of singlets, a pair of coloured jeans and you’re well on your way. Here’s an illustrated version of my essentials for those who are interested.

2. Recycle colours- Think about what colours you have in your wardrobe and work out how you can possibly wear them this Spring. My belief is that certain colour trends tend to never go out of style or come and go so quickly that they’re back ‘in’ before you know it. Look at how you can refresh and co-ordinate pieces from seasons past into your new spring ensembles.

3. Think about accessories – Your Spring accessories such a ballet flats and sandals have probably been hiding at the bottom of your closet collecting dust – pull them out and and give them a polish.

4. Swimwear – Don’t forget swimwear – there’s nothing worse than being ill prepared for the first bbq of the season because you forgot to check out how your kinis fared since last September. Try them on (imagining yourself a little more tanned than you probably are right now) and see if they’ll work for another season.

5. Identify gaps – Understandably some pieces won’t last through winter and there’s no doubt that you’ll have gaps in your wardrobe that need to be filled in order to give you the easy dressing Spring wardrobe you want. Make a list of items you need – the perfect breton top? another pair of denim shorts? a fresh pair of ballet flats? the perfect black bikinis? And then work out your strategy for getting those key pieces into your closet

Spring outfit 3. DIY circle skirt, Zara tank, Asos Hat, Zara heels (similar to these),Brahmin Bag. Spring outfit 4. H&m white tee, DIY Mara Hoffman inspired skirt,  Zara sandals (these = love), Brahmin Bag

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