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DIY Home: Bell Jars

DIY Projects Apr 26, 2013

Recently I had the unfortunate experience of catching my favourite cactus as it plunged from my windowsil to an almost sure death amongst the shoes and clothes on my floor. Although I shouldn’t complain (I know exactly amongst which ‘world’ this brand of problems resides) it made me inexplicably angry at my little cacti friend – not least when I had to spend the next two hours tweezing the spores out of my fingers (and lips when they were subsequently transferred due to an ill thought out paw paw ointment application). A few days later I was web slacking and spied a bell jar sheltering a cacti and immediately realised how genius this set up is – I say keep those tricky little buggers on lock down! And although the bell jar represents yet another not-quite-necessary addition in the home, they look so right perched over the top of a crystal, feather or indoor plant, and I’m pretty sure I could justify one if it meant keeping my fingers cacti spine free! And so with that in mind I’ve pulled together some bell jar inspiration – what would you put inside yours?

Images: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

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