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DIY Home Inspo: Leaves in Vases

DIY Projects Apr 1, 2013

I recently went to the Flower Markets with a friend who was busy turning her house into a jungle with neck high house plants. Although this is up there on my ‘if I ever get a a chance’ list, when you travel a lot it’s hard to commit to huge house plants – I feel like it’s like getting a puppy or a rabbit. Somewhat sadly I came home with flowers and a few branches of Monstera leaf – which I put in glass vases and have been thoroughly enjoying ever since. And although this definitely isn’t a difficult ‘DIY’ (bottle/vase + water + leaf = done) I love that these Monstera plants remind me of the Martinique banana print wallpaper in the Beverly Hills Hotel – a touch of tropical without trying too hard. On that note, I’ve been lusting after this banana print one piece, Summer here we come!

Between you and me I have a thing for these Antipodes water bottles –  I usually avoid ordering bottles water at restuarants but when I do I always steal claim these bottles to use as vases.


Let us know your thoughts!

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