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DIY Messy Curls + Giveaway!

DIY Style Apr 24, 2013

There are often days when I really want to style my hair in messy curls but don’t have time to fire up the curling tongs (read: every day… I’m lazy), and so a few years ago I devised a method of curling my hair without using a curling wand at all – admittedly a throw back to when I was 12 and we crimped our hair this way but hey, it works. What I love about creating these messy curls is that it’s a hair style that you can do on the go – perfect for those of us who never leave enough time to do their hair in the morning! Oh and if you would love to create some messy curls for yourself but don’t have the right products, read on for how to enter my Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Giveaway!

You need:
Combing Creme or Leave in conditioner
Foaming air mousse or hairspray
A bunch of bobby pins
A hair dryer
Optional – straightening irons

How to:
1. Have a shower and wash your hair. Towel dry afterwards so it is only slightly damp.

2. Squeeze a dollop of conditioner/combing creme into your hand. I’ve been using the new combing creme by Vidal Sassoon Pro Series because keeps frizz at bay – essential if you have super frizzy hair like me!

3. Distribute the creme evenly on your fingertips.

4. Work the creme through the mids and ends of your hair, staying away from the roots.

5. Starting at the front and working your way around the head, roll your hair back into rolls. A few tips here: the thicker the roll the larger the curl, and the tighter the roll the tighter and more ringlet-y the curl. Go for large loose rolls around your head if you want a relaxed, beachy style curl.

6. Using bobby pins, loosely secure the rolls at the back of your head. Repeat until all your hair is rolled up – I only need to do two or three rolls because I like my curls large and bouncy and my hair isn’t too thick, but match the number of rolls to the size of the curl you want, and also the thickness of your hair.

7. Give your head a blast with the hair dryer to start the drying process, focusing around the part and sides of the head to reduce frizziness. Leave your hair to dry for at least a few hours. I often leave mine in all day so while I am working and let it out in the afternoon in preparation for an evening out. This works perfectly because the rolled hair looks a lot like a simple up do so you don’t feel too silly. For a more relaxed style, and to stop any crimping effects, I usually let my hair out of the rolls a few times during the day, loosening them to get the right casual looking curl, and even put it in a bun for an hour at the very end so it relaxes even more. Might sound like hard work but it only takes a few minutes!

8. Once your hair is completely dry, you can take all the pins out and loosen the curls with your fingers. To create extra body, put your hair upside down and shake.

9.  This final step is optional, but if you find your hair is a little frizzy on the ends (this will depend on your hair type), you can straighten the ends with a few licks of straightening irons. This helps give that ‘straight wavy’ look I love so much.

10. You can also do this for the hair around your part if required and also the sides of the head (you know, that area above your ears where you get ‘whispeys’ that stick out if you’re not careful, or is that just me?).

11. Finally, finish off with some foaming mousse or hairspray.


Because getting the right messy curl is as much about the products you use as it is about the process, I’m excited to have partnered with Vidal Sassoon to offer 10 readers super fun prize packs including Vidal Sassoon Pro Series shampoos, conditioners and styling products so you can create some messy curls for yourself! All you have to do to enter is tweet a picture of your DIY hairstyle (or your favorite hairstyle if you don’t have one of yourself), making sure to tag it with @VidalSassoon and @apairandaspare and the hashtag #YouKnowYouLookGood – it couldn’t be easier. I can’t wait to see your pretty do’s!


Let us know your thoughts!

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