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Currently Wearing: Short Suits

How to wear it May 28, 2013

I wasn’t kidding when I predicted that I would fall in love with short suits this summer, and believe you me I haven’t been wearing much since the warmer weather began (exhibit a). This Macgraw number is no doubt going to be on high rotation paired with tees and everything else in my wardrobe. However only yesterday one of my friends told me the short suit in general is a little too ‘Clueless’ for her taste (and for those of you who are confused she meant it not in a good way). I couldn’t believe it! However it got me thinking about the trend itself – I wondered if without noticing I’ve started living in a world of ‘fash-un’ where every trend is for wearing regardless of which 90’s movie it brings to mind (and more to the point – is it bad that I think the clueless reference is a good thing?). So I thought what better way to gauge a reaction than to put it to you, dear reader – would you wear a short suit? For those of you who say yes (yes yes!) and are on the lookout your own matching set, head over to my post on Harper’s Bazaar for a little round up of my favourite short suits.

Read the full post with outfit details here.

For those of you wondering when (the hell!) the DIY transparent satchel will hit the site – stay tuned – I’m working on something super exciting that’s not too far off now.

Photos by Lauren Engel

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