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DIY Inspo: Balenciaga Halo

Inspiration May 21, 2013

Although you could definitely say I’m a fan of fashion and new season trends, I generally try to focus on creating DIYs that I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of. I know more than anyone that there’s nothing worse that making an item you don’t ever end up wearing! When I first started DIYing I used to make everything I liked regardless of how it fit into my wardrobe – but these days I tend to be a little more careful (related: culling). Because of that, I’ve been umming and ahhing about making one of these Balenciaga halo headbands for a while – although sooo pretty I wonder whether would I wear  it (or would making one be more about the creative act itself?).  In these situations I like to sit on an idea for a little while until I know for sure how it would integrate into my wardrobe – kind of like leaving a store for few hours before purchasing a pair of shoes so you don’t have buyers remorse. I would love to hear what you think – would you wear the halo?

On that note, a girl at fashion week in Sydney came up to me and told me I should make these, so there’s obviously a few of you out there that would totally rock the halo!

Images: Thanks Mandy from Oracle Fox


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