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Currently Wearing: the Homage Logo tee

How to wear it Jul 3, 2013

I have to admit to falling in love, hard, with the ‘homage’ logo tees, sweaters and caps that I’ve been seeing recently – designs that give a subtle nod to a logo, usually with an added touch of paradoxical tongue-in-cheek. How ironic that brands like Celine and Hermes spend a zillion dollars every year (so technical) protecting their logos, and then designs including this tee (want!) or this Asos version (funnily enough a take on another Brian Lichtenberg design which I didn’t realise when I bought it – perhaps that’s the ultimate irony here?) or this one, come along and manage to become a must-have for the season (even more so than a trio bag). Could it be that big design houses see it as a compliment (the whole: imitation as the highest form of flattery thing), or perhaps they aren’t able to force these designs off the shelves? More likely, they know all about the limited staying power of a trend (after all, they invented them…) and aren’t overly concerned.  Personally, I’m not too torn up about the ‘homage’ trend – I mean what’s not to love about a good derivative on a classic – and anything with a touch of irony/parody goes down a treat with me!

What are your thoughts? Are you into the homage trend or do you prefer to stand by a classic?

The best thing about a simple white logo tee – whether an original or a homage, is that it’s the perfect center piece for a monotone outfit – head over to read my post up at Harper’s Bazaar here about experimenting with wearing monotone! Full outfit details here.

Images by Lauren Engel

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